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Our unique strategies and techniques are changing the field of restorative dentistry.

Treatments & Procedures

It is rare to find a dentist with a passion for excellence and a never-ending desire to stay current with technology.

Doctor Dawson’s pursuit of knowledge has allowed him to remain truly cutting-edge while utilizing the time-honored methods and principles that ensure lasting results. He has built a reputation throughout the United States for being able to execute these principles at the highest level as well as teaching others to do the same.

There are three things that characterize Doctor Dawson’s approach to your dental needs:

He is Comprehensively Focused

He is a Constant Student

He is a Uniquely Talented Problem Solver

“The least dentistry is the best dentistry.”

Every case has its own unique set of challenges and solutions. The goal is always to restore your mouth to optimal health, comfort, function, and esthetics. The esthetics and longevity of Doctor Dawson’s solutions are a testament to his ability to resolve your needs in the best manner possible.

5 Years

The industry standard for the longevity of restorative dental procedures.

25-30 Years

The longevity of Doctor Dawson’s restorative dental solutions with comprehensive care.

Today’s dentistry is changing at a rapid pace. Doctor Dawson’s new, state-of-the-art facility has raised the bar for the dental industry by providing concierge service in a pleasant, peaceful environment, one patient at a time. We use the latest and most effective digital technology to create beautiful smiles. Doctor Dawson focuses solely on unique, complex restorative solutions, many of which involve dental implants. He has surrounded himself with like-minded specialists that compliment his work.

Doctor Dawson’s vast experience and knowledge of dental materials serves his patients well as they work together to determine the best solutions for their personalized treatment. We are more than happy to show examples of our completed cases as we discuss your needs and we welcome second opinions. Doctor Dawson’s thorough, collaborate approach will always make you feel comfortable and confident about your dental decisions.